Monday, 5 December 2016

Week Forty Nine

Week forty nine was brilliant, here are the highlights:

It was freezing cold but I still went for a 50 length swim :)
We had a few laughs in the office :)
Zumba was great and certainly warmed me up!
Maddie wanted to do her Charlie's Angels pose!
Our weekend started at 12:30 on Wednesday and the sun was shinning :)
This cheeky minx wanted us to have a photo with our hats on :)
My friend Steph travelled down from Yorkshire and stayed with me for a couple of days :)
We put the Christmas tree up :)
And started our #jandsadventselfie photos :)
Alfie was so pleased that he hadn't been left out of the advent calendars :)
I lost 2.5lbs and was Slimmer of the Week :)
I then met up with my friend Davide:
And he treated me to this amazing dirty pudding :)
Some arsehole hit my car!
I dropped Alice off at school, I think she was a bit excited!
This is one of my favourite Christmas traditions, drinking Disaronno while wrapping presents and watching Christmas films :)
And now I'm all done and can put my feet up and enjoy the rest of the season :)
I went to dinner at Sarah's, she decided to make me a fancy coffee but I ended up with a cup of ground coffee beans! :)
On Saturday morning I was hanging!
But I went to Sarah's to help put her Christmas decorations up, Bingo joined in :)
She decorates like a toddler, I had to keep moving bits so they weren't all clustered together.  I think she just gets a bit excited :)
At bingo in the evening they gave us these cute Christmas pugs :)
On Sunday morning I had a lovely walk over the golf course:
I then spent the afternoon making coffee cupcakes and creating mincemeat cupcakes with a brandy butter frosting :)
Before soaking in the bath with my Christmas scented bubble bath :)
This week is going to be lovely and quite but there are some great things going on at the weekend.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Week Forty Eight

Week forty eight was a good one, here are the highlights:

I kicked off with an eggnog latte, a great way to start the working week :)
The temperature has dropped but I'm still going swimming!
Zumba was brilliant as usual, I still go left when the rest of the group are going right but I always have a blast :)
I spent a lot of time with my girl :)
It's time to wear a hat on my evening walk!
It was buzzing outside my office with the town getting ready to switch the Christmas lights on :)
I had another weight loss, that's 20 weeks in a row that I've lost weight now!
I enjoyed dirty pudding :)
This lazy boy didn't want to get out of bed in the morning!
I've been enjoying my walk in the park every day :)
It seems that every time I look up from my work she's hanging off the edge of my desk! :)
I went down to see Paul for the weekend :)
And we had our annual trying on of silly Christmas hats :)
As well as a nice treat :)
After a really lovely, relaxing weekend I  was back with my boy....
And my girl :)
This week is going to be a busy one with lots of lovely things happening.

Enjoy the end of November
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Week Forty Seven

Well it's better late than never! Here are the highlights from week forty seven:

I had Monday off work so went walking with my friend and her dog Bingo :)
I tried out some new make-up :)
I had a night out at bingo but no winnings :(
The Christmas tree went up outside my office :)
I helped Hells Bells pick her new glasses :)
I had a great workout at Zumba  even if I did nearly get beaten about the head by an uncoordinated woman who was a bit enthusiastic with her Zumba weights!
I quickly made this hat to stop Alice pinching mine!
And she loved it :)
I went to a quiz night, we came last but excelled at the raffle :)
Despite my weekend away I managed to lose 3.5lbs and pick up this beauty :)
I certainly enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I also had Friday off work and went to the Knit, Stitch and Hobbycraft show.
With my lovely friend Sandra :)
On Saturday I went for a very cold walk!
And had a cuddle with this pickle :)
Then I popped in to see one of my oldest friends Sara
Who chopped off all my long locks :)
On Sunday I went for a very wet walk!
And then made some Christmas cards, this one is a copy of one I'd seen at the craft fair
But this one was my own creation :)
Then I snuggled under the blanket and watched TV for the rest of the day :)
And before I knew it another Monday had arrived and it was time to head back to work :(

I hope your week is going well
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx